Can't pass multiple -scan files to tracewpp.exe from Visual Studio 2013!? RRS feed

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  • Hi experts,

    I have a begin_wpp config... end_wpp block defining some custom types in my trace header file.  In addition I use some of the types define in wdftraceenums.h.  With nmake, I had this in my sources file which happily scanned both files.

    RUN_WPP= $(SOURCES)                             \
             -km                                    \
             -func:TraceEvents(LEVEL,FLAGS,MSG,...) \
             -scan:$(KMDF_INC_PATH)\1.9\wdftraceenums.h \
             -scan:bus_Trace.h          \

    I'm now trying to get this driver working in Visual Studio.  In the project properties under Wpp Tracing->File Options is the Scan Configuration Data entry.  Its context description says its equivalent to -scan, so I tried adding both files there separated by semi-colon.  On build I get the following error:

    wpp : error : (WppCreateFile)Cannot open file C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Include\wdf\kmdf\1.11\wdftraceenums.h;C:\src\eHost_xHCI\FL6K\FL6KDev\bus_Trace.h, error 123

    I also tried separating them with spaces which doesn't work either.  I then tried to add to add -scan:bus_Trace.h to Additional Options item in Wpp Tracing->All Options.  As far as I can tell, anything put there doesn't actually get added to the tracewpp command line.

    Is there a way to pass multiple scan files in?

    The workaround I found so far was to move my begin_wpp config block into a separate bus_Trace.ini file and supply that in the Additional Configuration File item.



    Friday, March 13, 2015 1:41 AM