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  • First of all, sorry for my English. :)

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post UI improvement ideas, but I'll do it anyway. :)

    Windows Start Menu Dev Preview

    This is the menu behind scenes right now (as I see it). By my opinion it has no real structure. It has groups, but lets say users can easily loose themselves if these tiles continue growing.

    Windows Start Menu Redesigned

    I would place folders or groups as default on first screen. There really aren't too many options. There are only apps and games if you ask me. After that you can go into details, but still get the same result (Office apps, Internet apps, Design Apps, System Apps or RPG Games, Strategy Games etc.).

    Inside Application Folder

    The main thing I'd propose is to enable user to write name of the group above the grouped files. Here you can see Office and Adobe names above their grouped files. The line below is to be wider by one block with each new row (Office has 2 line blocks, Adobe has 3). Line is an indicator of a group.

    Installation Prompt

    Last but not even close to least. To avoid Windows placing files at the end of the list (which I find quite annoying since I place everything I use often in front), an installation prompt should appear every time user wants to install something, asking where to place these files. Since I made groups of Apps, Games and System, they appear and it still offers user to add new tile if now satisfied with current choice. Of course, there are some additional buttons just to show how flexible this could be.

    Well, I have many more ideas I'm willing to share. Some maybe stupid, some interesting, but I do need feedback. :) What do you people think? Let me know :)

    Monday, September 26, 2011 6:22 PM