ICategorizeProperties implementation issue


  • Hi, I'm developing ActiveX control (in Delphi) and it works fine for example in Word.

    Now I would like to add ICategorizeProperties implementation in order to organize properties into categories and I have problem with that, after a call to GetCategoryName Word crashes. At the same time, function works if called from my test App. I've also tried to call GetCategoryName for some of standard window controls (StatusBar for example) but it crashes my test app. Calling MapPropertyToCategory works (although StatusBar returns E_NOTIMPL).

    My explanation is that it's because of incompatible declarations between what Word/Excel expects and what I do, my transcription is based on inteface I found at

    Can you help with some pointers or further documentation about that?

    Best regards,


    Wednesday, April 23, 2014 3:00 PM