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  • Outlook forms vs add-in – opinion needed for best way to add custom data in outlook appointment

    Hello folks –

    I have been poking around now for a few weeks and have been trying to think this through ..  I have come up with a few ways of doing this but could use some insight.

    I would like to add 2 custom fields in the main outlook appointment creation – basically a customer name and also a note about the meeting so I can later export the data and see how much time I spend with a customer.

    I realize this is fairly basic and started off that I wanted to have a text file with a drop down that would allow me to select the customer name then comma delimited would fill in the appropriate project and a note on the project(if I was working with a customer on multiple projects I would create multiple entries)

    (customer_name,customer_project,project_note) .. that would look lsomehting like (BestCustomer,BuildNewProduct,WidgetA)

    I then started to think that it would be easier for me to figure out if I could somehow make it simply a field like the “location” in which it just remembers forever the options and could enter it in one time and then next time I spend time on a phone call could select BestCustomer,BuildNewProduct,WidgetA from the list.

    I have created the appropriate columns in outlook, I have done the research to understand that the date picker is not available in Outlook 2007 and so on … add-in vs. forms …

    I am new to this however learning a lot as I go here.

    Does anyone have any samples or feedback you could give me as a good place to start? 

    Monday, November 18, 2013 8:52 PM


  • Outlook custom forms use VBScript code, ths code is edited using a NotePad equivalent, and the can be less than robust. Since this is for Outlook 2007, how about a form region instead? That can display your custom fields and would work with an addin.

    There are sample form region addins at the Office Developer Web site at MSDN, and there's lots of information on forms, addins and form regions at for you to look at.

    Ken Slovak MVP - Outlook

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 3:35 PM