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  • This extension was made to provide better array speed if your program performance is suffering from Small Basic's native handling...

    Power Array V1 on SkyDrive

    PowerArrayV1.zip contains four files:

    • The extension's .dll
    • The extension's .xml
    • A reference manual .pdf
    • A sample program .sb

    The files are also accessible individually in the sub-folders on the SkyDrive, along with some performance data.

    The reference manual is fairly comprehensive and should explain everything you need to know.

    I may develop it further, or provide some support, if there's any interest.

    For a 3D array with the dimensions [21][21][21] it writes 9,000 times faster and reads 6 times faster than Small Basic.

    Power Array V1.0 Performance Data

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  • The reference manual has been reformatted and updated with sections on general program usage and some further info.
    Sunday, May 6, 2012 5:16 PM
  • nice n quick array! congrats

    compared to LDarray of 100000 elements:

    • 43% faster reading!
    • 49% faster writting!

    test code: fgt632-0

    scores: (lower is better)

    and a lack of LDarray is only onedimensional((

    should be considered to include as a standard feature ur extension EZY!

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  • and for comparison the catastophic SB array results:

    reading is even faster than LD array but writting is 78 times slower! 7800% OMG!

    test config:

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