Help a beginner with a complicated end goal



    Hello, I'm a beginner wanting to learn how to write iot apps specifically to implement the new "holograms" applications. I know they are two different programming skills and environments but I really want to do this. I own the Win10 Rpi iot package, all the iot hardware as well as VS 2015 pro and an MSDN subscription. I really need help in deciding what the best language to use as well as setting up VS ide with the right VS tools to install. I find a mind numbing number of articles on doing this or that, but nothing that really helps me with a real world path or plan.    ps  If you happen to live in the Asheville, NC area I would be interested in one on one tutoring.  Also possibility of small Start Up venture (that delivers the products that I am thinking about)  I will fund- I  have lots of system hardware including a small (Leap Frog) 3d printer.  I believe this venture needs to move faster than just I could make it but I think it's the way of the future and will be very profitable.     I think possibly this is 2 discussions or not posted in the right place,  If this is true could you please point me to the correct forum(s).         All help is greatly appreciated! David 


    Saturday, May 21, 2016 3:27 PM