Task Start and Finish date with CSOM gets converted to USA format RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I know that this theme was presented at forum, but I can't find answer for it. 

    I'm setting a task start date using CSOM, and do it using a UK format (DD-MM-YYYY), but Project Server reads it as if it was in USA format (MM-DD-YYYY).

    The value gets set correctly in my code, but then Project Server treats it as if it were in USA format.

    I wrote 05/12/2017, the date that appears on the schedule is 12/05/2017. You might think that it's just a viewing format, but other date time project fields are treated correct. This problem is reproduced only for task start and finish dates

    What's going on here? Is there a setting in Project/SharePoint that defines how it treats dates after being read from CSOM?

    This action is reproduced only for start and finish date, but others project fields with date time type are treated the data correct. 

    Monday, January 23, 2017 8:24 AM

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