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  • Hi there,

    we're trying to submit an office/outlook addin app to the microsoft store. It is not targeted for for individuals, only users of our webservice to integrate with outlook.

    Our app submission was rejected because our app requires a login to our service. Now the app screeners want to have an login as well. The problem is that is nothing we can do for several reasons. The addin points to a production site, none of our clients would ever give access to Microsoft, they dont even give us access to their site/data. We're also not able to have a "test" site in production, there is a test environment we have for that. But that site run on a different domain that what the production add-in uses.

    So my only solution here is: submit the addin pointing to our test site so Microsoft can verify it, and then pull a switcheroo with a new version that points to the real site... but this sounds so wrong, there must be something better. What is it?


    Friday, September 8, 2017 3:59 PM

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  • The validators do need a way to verify that your add-in works the way that it claims to do.  

    It's unclear in your particular case whether you subsequently resolved this problem or not.  If not, I suggest you resubmit your add-in and in the test notes section of the submission add the information above in the test notes and request that the validation team reach out to you to explore ways to overcome your specific environmental challenges.

    Friday, December 15, 2017 3:44 PM