Problem with the Build


  • Greetings people. I am facing for some time now an issue concerning a code I am formulating in VS 2013. I try to build my code in order to get a dll file, which I can later use to a simulation programm to get some results. The point is that the build isn't successful and an error apperas, which I don't know how to eliminate. That's why I need your help. The situation is as follows. Several messages appear, all of the same origin, one of which says the following:

    1>C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V120\Microsoft.CppBuild.targets(1186,5): error MSB4018: The "VCMessage" task failed unexpectedly.

    Can you tell me how to fix this? I can't continue with my work, because I have stuck with this. Thank you in advance.

    Friday, February 19, 2016 10:01 PM


  • Hi narlem,

    Please check the Platform Toolset property in Project properties -> Configurations properties -> General as below image shows, whether it is set as Visual Studio 2013 (v120). Since the dll file is created by Visual Studio 2013.

    In addition, please create a new project without any custom code to check whether it also has this problem. Then please add your code one by one to make sure which line of code causes this problem.

    If it correct and the problem still exist, please share a sample project to let us find out what happened in your project.

    Best Regards,

    Tuesday, February 23, 2016 2:53 AM