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  • I am getting more and more confused about Metro and Desktop.

    Say I write a Metro application in Javascript/Html.

    1. Would a person with their laptop/desktop with Win8 installed be able to use my app? Is there a button or something they can press so their desktop environment acts like Metro? Or are Metro apps not usable by Win8 desktop people?

    2. Can and how do Metro apps get installed on peoples' Pads/Desktops? Is it exclusively through the Windows Store, or can it be through a download option on my website? Does the Metro app run from an icon, or is it something new?

    3. Will Metro apps be able to work on older Win7 or even Vista machines?

    Hope you can help. (PS. I am a hobby programmer, so please explain in simple terms, as I get confused by all the lingo.)

    Saturday, June 9, 2012 1:16 PM


  • A Metro app written in JavaScript/Html will execute on any device (tablet, laptop or desktop) that is running the Windows 8 operating system.  Applications that are deployed are installed through the store.  As a developer, you can install your application on your own computer without going through the store using Visual Studio.  Developer status is free but is time limited.  That is, every few weeks, you need to renew your developer license (again, free).

    Metro applications are launched through the Start page which is available on all Windows 8 platforms.  Instead of an icon, your application is represented by a tile on this page. You can click it, or type the name of your application while viewing the Start page.

    Metro apps will not work on Win 7 or Vista--only Windows 8.

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