Azure Privileged Identity Management - selfActivate API requires Multi-Factor Authentication


  • I tried to work around with beta version of Privileged Identity Management (PIM) service. Everything is good for me. I can retrieve roles and update/delete assigned roles,... through API at

    But, I just got an issue when working with selfActive API (, it's failed with "Elevation requires Multi-Factor Authentication." message.

    I used Graph Explorer ( to make below request:
    - Endpoint:
    - Request Body: 

      "reason": "reason",
      "duration": "",
      "ticketNumber": "",
      "ticketSystem": ""
    - Response:

    client-request-id: 7f99a77c-bb3d-4205-aaed-2e52cb247524
    content-type: application/json
    cache-control: private
    request-id: 7f99a77c-bb3d-4205-aaed-2e52cb247524
    Status Code: 401
        "error": {
            "code": "UnknownError",
            "message": "Elevation requires Multi-Factor Authentication.",
            "innerError": {
                "request-id": "7f99a77c-bb3d-4205-aaed-2e52cb247524",
                "date": "2017-05-02T07:05:16"

    I tried to solve them by using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, but failed. I don't know what should I do to solve this issue exactly? --Thanks!

    Tuesday, May 2, 2017 7:55 AM