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  • Hello,

    I need to produce a "static library" for use by other developers, the "general statement" from my marketing types is it needs to support "WinCE 5.0 - PXA270" - a rather simple and straight forward statement.

    I believe I should be able to create a "*STANDARD*" package, ie:  "a static library + a header file" - and a few example applications that shows how to use my special "static lib" it's not rocket science.

    However, this seems not very easy in practice. That - or I am doing something very wrong, or don't understand something.

    Most puzzling: Several OEM types seem to give me *their* SDK - ugh...  right now, I have several ...  I have "STANDARDSDK_500" - and "LPD_PXA270_10_SDK_CE_500" (from LogicPD) an eval board vendor, plus numerous others.

    Excuse me - but to be honest, they are *FUNCTIONALLY*IDENTICAL* are they not?

    My library and 'example program' - do not make us of any special device specific hardware, or user interface, etc. You give it data, it does some math, and you get results. Think "calculation library".

    Question #1

    I can create the a simple  "WinCE 5.0 PXA270 DLL" and a header file...  that part is easy (See #3)

    But - what exactly do I need, or how exactly can I create create a customer facing demonstration application that is loadable by any customer using "WinCE5.0".

    I can create one - but my customer does not have the "STANDARDSDK_500" thing installed, and then needs to re-create the project file.

    Question #2

    Please, I'm missing something... here guys:  (A) it is all C and C++ code, (B) a WinCE 5.0 PXA270 platform is generally a WinCE 5.0 PXA270 platform...

    I have an example project from "WizBang Gadget Maker", I don't have "his sdk" - how do I use or load this *blanking* thing?

    *WITHOUT* having to create a new *PROJECT* or *NEW*SOLUTION* from scratch.

    Question #3.

    I need to create a *STATIC* library not a DLL,  I do not want to create and distribute a DLL to developers, how do I create a generic "static library"? the only choice (in the wizards) seems to be a "MFC DLL".

    Yes, I did see this link:


    That is close, but not describing my problem


    Thursday, March 5, 2009 11:53 PM


  • To Q3:  Howto cerate a static library:
    Choose the C++ -> SmatDevice -> Win32 Smart Device Project. In the Project Wizard under 'Application Settings' choose 'Static Library'

    To Q1 and Q2:
    First of all, Windows CE 5.0 is a highly componentized OS. An OEM may choose the components they need for their devices. As a result, every SDK you get from an OEM differs in functionality.
    The best way of figuring out where the diffrenences are is to compare the 'ceconfig.h' files for those SDKs.

    Due to the very nature of Windows CE beeing highly customizable - you might not be able to create a single application that runs on *any* device.

    I'd be using the 'Standard SDK' for your code. Leave it up to your customer to recreate (where needed) the project files.

    Unfortunatly, there is bullet proove solution how to solve you're problem.
    MVP Windows Embedded
    Friday, March 6, 2009 6:45 PM