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  • I keep getting the error : InfoPath cannot submit the form.
    An error occurred while the form was being submitted.
    A value in the form may be used to specify the file name. If you know the value in the form that specifies the file name, revise it and try again. Otherwise, contact the author of the form template.

    When one of my users try to submit one of my forms.  And one of the troubleshooting steps is to make sure it is submitting to a document library instead of a sharepoint list.
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  • Into the document library, you can upload some document or content , which gets stored in the sharepoint content database.
    A list on the other hand is just a piece of data, just like SQL Table, although it is possible to store binary content into list as well using attachments.

    When submitting with Infopath Form Services, the submitted data is generated as XML which refers the original form template (.XSN). This XML file can only be stored in document library by infopath and hence the troubleshooting step.

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  • A very important distinction between a SharePoint List and a Document Library is the limitations of the attachments in practice.

    With a Document Library I can: SPFileCollection.Add(String, Stream) - Accepting a Stream, means the contents can be in memory, on disk, or even a TCP/IP socket.

    With a List I must SPAttachmentCollection.Add(string, byte[]) - Only accepting a byte[] meaning that the attachment must fit entirely in one contiguous block of memory. If this is something you do often with large files, your server memory may become framented.

    After working on a project for a while, I am faced with a new requirement that I need to store large files along with what had been a SharePoint list. After being bit like this, in the future I may just make everything a Document Library.
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  • Ok, the list vs doc lib thing has been explained, so I'll go from there.  Suffice it to say that you can only publish a form template to a doc library, so this isn't your problem unless you were trying to submit to a different place than where you published the template.

    The error you're getting is typically seen when trying to submit a form of the same name as one that exists.  This happens when you don't configure the submit to create unique filenames.  Refer to my blog post to alleviate this:

    InfoPath – Auto-Generating Filenames

    Notice that I have a reference link to this exact error, too:

    InfoPath Submit Error- A value in the form may be used to specify the file name

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