When I submited my wp8 app,I recieved 2.1.2,but I have used the Microsoft in-app purchase API.Why I recieved 2.1.2? RRS feed

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  • Name: SkyCodeCase Version: Company Name: Yanghongjun Windows Phone OS Version: 8.0 Test ID: 613873
    Submission Received: 07/14/2013 Testing Completed: 07/24/2013
    Capabilities Tested: Networking
    Language(s): EnglishNorthAmerica
    Result: Failed Failure Summary: 2.1.2 Exception(s) Applied: None

    Policy 2. Prohibited Applications
    If your app includes in-app billing functionality but does not use the Microsoft in-app purchase API provided by Windows Phone, the following requirement applies: Unless you have a pre-existing billing relationship with the user, your app may not require the user to provide payment information, within the app experience, to activate, unlock, or extend usage of the app. If you do not have a pre-existing billing relationship with the user, payment and personal account information must be collected outside of the app experience via a secure HTTPS website or as a hosted control within the app where the user can verify the URL and HTTPS security.

    But I used really the Microsoft in-app purchase API in my app.Why I recieved 2.1.2?

    Wednesday, July 31, 2013 12:11 PM

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