AxInterop.MSTSClib: Event “OnLogonError” does't fire in MsRdpClient9NotSafeForScripting (and earlier versions) RRS feed

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  • I am working on a C# implementation of RDP / MSTSC using the MsRdpClient9NotSafeForScripting class

    The event OnLogonError doesn't fire. While the other events seem to work properly. I need to recognize when the user entered a wrong username or passwort.

    This behaviour is reported several times, but without solution. The once hint I found is: at codeproject:

    > After further testing, I found out that if connecting to a Windows 2003 server, the event is entered. But not when connecting to Win7 and newer and Win2008R2 and newer. I wonder if Microsoft removed the event functionality in newer systems?

    But from the documentation of the event it should be supported

    > Minimum supported client Windows Vista

    > Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008

    What I tried so far
      * Testing with several implemantations of the class (from MsRdpClient6NotSafeForScripting to MsRdpClient9NotSafeForScripting)
      * Testing with several settings

      * Is there any setting which could cause this event not to fire?
      * If this event is really discontinued, is there any alternative?

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