Kinect SDK 1.6 带了一个Tutle的实例程序,名为SpeechBasics D2D,识别速度有点慢,发出语音后,大致需要1秒多的时间才有反应,不知道怎么改进识别速度呢. RRS feed

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  • 大致把类库看了一个遍,也没发现调整什么参数才可以.


    Saturday, December 15, 2012 7:37 AM

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  • 不知道调用 SetInputMaxLatency 函数有没有作用呢, 不过这个函数在Kinect类库中好像没有实现呢,还是需要自己实现呢?

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 9:45 AM
  • 这是因为初始化语音组件是,大约要4秒。

    Audio and Speech

    • The Kinect SDK now includes the latest
      Microsoft Speech components (v11 QFE). Our runtime installer
      chain-installs the appropriate runtime components (32-bit speech runtime
      for 32-bit Windows, and both 32-bit and 64-bit speech runtimes for
      64-bit Windows), plus an updated English Language pack (en-us locale)
      with improved recognition accuracy.
    • The updated acoustic model improves the accuracy in the confidence numbers returned by the speech APIs.
    • Kinect Speech Acoustic Model now has the same icon and similar description as the rest of the Kinect components.
    • Echo
      cancellation will now recognize the system default speaker and attempt
      to cancel the noise coming from it automatically, if enabled.
    • Kinect Audio with AEC enabled now works even when no sound is coming from the speakers. Previously, this case caused problems.
    • Audio initialization has changed:
      • C++ code must call NuiInitialize before using the audio stream.
      • Managed code must call KinectSensor.Start() before KinectAudioSource.Start().
      • It takes about 4 seconds after initialize is called before audio data begins to be delivered.
      • Audio/Speech samples now wait for 4 seconds for Kinect device to be ready before recording audio or recognizing speech.
    Thursday, January 10, 2013 3:05 AM