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    I am making myself a program which is a sort of a mix up between an alarm clock and graph plotter.

    But i have ran into some problems, which i cant figure out on my own.

    My first problem is that i would like my program to check the time and pop up with another form, when the set alarm time and computer time are equal. But i dont know how to "store" the information, the program needs to be opened and kept that way for it to pop up with the alarm, is there any way i could set it to be shut down and then pop up with the form when the times are equal without having to open the program?

    My next problem is that i am not very skilled working with charts and multiple forms. When the alarm hits and the new form pops up you are supposed to enter a value in a textbox and click OK. Then i would like the program to take this information and plot it in another form (chart).

    Hope you can help me out, i really appreciate it :)

    Thursday, February 25, 2016 1:04 PM