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  • I am investigating using Bing Maps in our application.  I have just a few "can it do this..." type questions if someone could please guide me:

    1. I see that you can place markers on the map, can I also assume the markers have a "click" event that I can trap in code, not just so a predefined popup can display?

    2. Can you also draw polygons on the map (i.e., zip code, county boundaries)?  And color them based on some algorythm, i.e., population of a zip code compared to the population of another zip code, etc.

    3. Can you place a legend on the map based on the above algorythm?  50-100 , 101-250, etc. with different colors depicting each zip codes population, etc.

    Thank you for your patience in answering these hopefully basic questions, but before I dive in to this project I need to know if Bing can do these things.


    Friday, March 22, 2013 2:32 PM


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