Live tiles not updating after resize RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We've wide and large live tiles in our app. All we do is we get the content of the tile xml (based on the tile template stlye Wide 310*150 or square - large 310*310) and based on that we update our data and images to be shown and then we use use udpate() method to update live tile content.

    When wide tile is presented for the first time, it works with updates, when its resized to large, large tiles too work but when large tile is resized back to wide, now wide tiles are not showing any notification. Why is that so? can someone help on that?

    Windows::Data::Xml::Dom::XmlDocument^ Xml = Windows::UI::Notifications::TileUpdateManager::GetTemplateContent(Windows::UI::Notifications::TileTemplateType::TileWide310x150ImageAndText02);
    	Windows::Data::Xml::Dom::XmlNodeList^ Elements = Xml->GetElementsByTagName("image");
    	Windows::Data::Xml::Dom::XmlElement^ Element = (Windows::Data::Xml::Dom::XmlElement^)Elements->Item(0);
    	Element->SetAttribute("src", img);
    	Windows::Data::Xml::Dom::XmlNodeList^ TextElements = Xml->GetElementsByTagName("text");
        TileNotification^ Tile = ref new Windows::UI::Notifications::TileNotification(Xml);
    	Tile->Tag = SomeID;

    Same way we do it for a large tile, then call, Clear() method and add a default tile, then its updated like this. CAn someone please help?


    Monday, August 4, 2014 6:42 PM