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    Develop a program that calculates a student’s final grade based on six 100 point project, a midterm exam and a final exam each worth 100 points. The student’s name, class name, semes-ter, picture file name and point values are stored in a text file. The user should be able to select which student file to display/process by selecting it from an OpenFileDialog.
    Grades are: more than 89% of points = A, greater than 79% of total points = B, greater than 69% of total points = C, greater than 59% of total points = D, otherwise the grade is F.
    Final Grade values should be displayed as green for A, B, and C. A final grade of D should be displayed as Orange and a final grade of F should be displayed in red.

    Additional Notes:
    1. Grades MUST be stored in an array of 8 locations within the project.
    2. Array MUST be populated by reading a text file.
    3. Grade calculation MUST be done by looping through the array to total scores prior to dividing by total possible points.

    Sunday, December 8, 2019 12:11 AM

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    Develop a program that calculates a student’s final grade 

    <sigh> For the zillionth time:

    (1) We don't do students' assignments for them here.
    (2) We don't write custom programs for free here.
    (3) To get help you need to write some code yourself.
    (4) We *will* give advice, help explain language or logic issues, etc.
    (5) Just posting an assignment's requirements here won't (shouldn't) get it done.
    (6) If you don't even know where to begin then consult your teacher.

    - Wayne

    P.S. - It's easy to calculate what *your* grade will be, if you don't do your own work.

    Sunday, December 8, 2019 2:31 AM