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    Operating System: Windows XP Professional version 2002 with Service Pack 3
    I want to use some applications to control virtual serial (COM) ports on a PERLE IOLAN STS8 D/TruePort device in Windows XP Professional SP3. When I configure the IOLAN/TruePort I can see the COM ports in Windows Device Manager and I am able to configure my applications to use the ports.  However, when my applications attempt to open the serial ports I get an error saying that the port is already in use or does not exist.

    I have tried various work-arounds to delete/re-add the "in use" ports in Windows before configuring IOLAN/TruePort and my applications. This does (sometimes) allow me to use the ports but if the PC is subsequently powered down and restarted the problem re-appears.

    Is there a way to reliably create and use virtual COM ports in Windows XP?
    Perle IOLAN/TruePort versions are:
    Device Manager v4.3
    TruePort firmware 6.4

    Friday, June 29, 2012 10:19 AM


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