Omnipresent window resizing problems on Windows RRS feed

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  • Anytime I resize some window, the resizing process is just not fluent. For a fraction of second, the status bar can go beyond window border (if I drag bottom window border up), or there could be black/gray bars (depending on BackColor) below the status bar, if I drag the bottom window border down. Just try to resize any window (eg. windows explorer) and you will see what I mean. These problems do not apply just to status bar, but to ANY controls. Not just controls, but even for custom paintings (eg. painted on WM_PAINT).

    Here is a StackOverflow question I have posted, nobody seems to know any solution (so I suspect it is a glitch/bug):


    WPF applications have this problem also, although they are hardware-accelerated.

    However Mac OS X doesn't have this problem, so current hardware is certainly capable of fluently resizing windows.

    Is there any solution (I'm a developer), or is it actually glitch/bug?

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  • Solved. View StackOverflow answer for details.

    But please note that there is no generic system-wide fix. One must specially design his application to prevent this issue.

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