Different Behavior of PowerPoint in Windows & MAC RRS feed

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  • I am working on PowerPoint Web Add-In which is using VBA in background to perform some operations. Everything is working fine in Windows plugin but the issue is with the PowerPoint MAC, more details below....

    Problem Statement:

    In my Add-In, VBA listens to some events on current slide. When user selects any slide from left pane, the focus goes away from current slide to left pane and VBA stops listening to the even because focus was out from current slide. (Focus should be there on current slide for VBA to listen to the events happening on current slide)

    Workaround for this problem:

    When ever user selects any slide from left pane, I programmatically set focus back to main slide and it started behaving as expected.

    New Problem Encountered With this Workaround:

    Since the focus is not on left pane so the keyboard delete button stops functioning and user has to use right click to delete the slide. Surprisingly delete button works perfectly fine in PowerPoint Windows with same plugin installed.

    I just want to understand why this behavior is different in MAC? Is it one of the consequences of Sand-boxing for Office in MAC 2016.

    Bobin Sondhi

    Monday, July 16, 2018 9:31 AM