Opening a Bluetooth SPP connection in Windows Mobile 6 RRS feed

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  • I am working with an app (which I did not write) that’s expecting data to come in from a remote sensor via the RS-232 serial port on my WM6-based handheld field computer (Trimble Nomad). Instead, I want the data to arrive via Bluetooth, and have set up a Bluetooth serial port profile device on COM 9. The app allows me to set the COM port where data should arrive, so no major problem there.

    The problem I am having is establishing the BT connection, as the app does not expect to use Bluetooth, and generally the device isn’t connected to the remote sensor prior to the sensor sending data. With no BT connection preestablished, the app doesn’t get the data when the sensor sends it.

    I’ve found a stopgap solution: I connect a terminal emulator from the handheld to the BT device on the remote sensor, which establishes the BT connection, and then quit the terminal emulator without disconnecting, and thereafter data flows as intended - usually. But it’s very inelegant.

    Does anyone have a better idea for connecting a SPP bluetooth device from WM6? Perhaps a small utility?



    Thursday, February 12, 2009 4:47 PM