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  • Hi!

    I am working with a financial product. In the product I need to introduce a way to calculate commission. As the commission provides the profit to our customer it must be extremely flexible.

    The feature to setup and modify the commission algorithm shall be present in the user interface, not necessarily directly implemented in the user interface, I guess it could be done by loading another document or information, but it cannot be configured at compile time. These algorithms are often considered confidential.

    We need basic mathematical expressions. Pure basic mathematical expression, like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. is not enough. We also need basic local expressions.

    We will have basic data entities in the application, like key numbers available in the application that will be used in the commission algorithms.

    A simple example: A customer might for example handle 25 “units” during a month. Say that our customer get $10 for handling 1 “unit” per month.

    A bit more complex example: A customer might for example handle 25 “small units” and 1001 “medium units” during a month. Say that our customer get $10 for handling 1 “small unit” per month and $15 if they handle less or equal than 1000 “medium units” and $17 per “medium unit” if they handle more than 1000 “medium units”. They also get addition $100 is they increase the number of units since last month.

    What is the best way to provide the feature to express these type of commission algorithms in the user interface? Could it be a textbox with Visual Basic? Could it be to import an excel sheet with the algorithms included? Could it be just plain dropdowns with all logical and mathematical expressions? Is there a defacto-way of solving this problem domain.

        Regards Mikael

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015 8:30 AM


  • Hi Mikae,

    In my option, best way is different for everyone. I think designing it with a textbox is the easiest way, user enter the value and mathematical expressions, you calculate the value in the backend. But in this way, you could not control the value user enter, and it might occur some problem if user enter illegal value. From this point, the dropdowns with all logical and mathematical expressions would be better. In this way, if you want to add more mathematical expressions, it will need to modify the dropdowns. I do not recommend you import an excel sheet with the algorithms included. With this way, user need to operate excel first, and then could use your program. I think what user need it easiest and convenient way.

    Best Regards,


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    Wednesday, July 29, 2015 2:05 AM