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  • Hi,

    We are a service provider and are currently working on baking our sizing into offers, plans, quotas etc

    The process feels fairly restrictive and something we really have to get right early on.

    My first question is around disk quotas. It appears that the storage attached to VM's is not included in the quota. I am able to set a storage quota to 100GB and then deploy two VM's with 126GB OS disk and 70GB temp storage. Is this a bug with the ASDK? Can you also confirm if temp storage is meant to be included in the storage quota? Can you also confirm that the temporary storage should also come off the users quota as it comes from the same storage in Azure Stack and therefore needs to be capacity managed.

    The second question is, can we edit a quota once it has been set. Clicking on the plan and selecting "services and quotas" (using the ASDK) gives a blank page even though the quotas have been created so I cannot amend them. Is this a bug or is it just not possible to change them? [edit, you can edit them from the resource themselves but not via the plan as the services and quotas tab returns nothing, I assume this is a bug?]



    Friday, November 3, 2017 9:49 AM