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    Hi All,


    Ou client has an existing VB application which they want to be replaced by a web application.

    Client's architect has given us two option for creating presentation layer namely "Flex" and "Flash" want us to suggest about which one to use, after rejecting silverlight.

    I have gone throuh the material available on the web but because of real time experience still don't know the basic difference between them and when to use what(in terms of ease of usability,performance).


    Do somebody want to share his/her knowledge about the same.



    Friday, April 11, 2008 1:40 PM


  • To make it simple,

    Flash will be used to make eye-candy type application (Silverlight is introduced to disrupt Flash market).

    Flex will be used for AJAX type applications using .NET and JEE(Flex is introduced by adobe to disrupt market share of Java and ,NET vendors)


    Ad agencies are going to use Flash/Silverlight, more designer focused IDE and output.

    Enterprise applications (non-marketing) will use Flex (very little footprint so far), largely .NET and JEE.



    If you are building a eye-candy app, it is easy to use flash ide, not flex ide...



    Same as above, if the app going to be a streaming media type app, flash performs better than flex.  But Flex has better transaction and database support than flex.


    my Verdict

    Both are bad choice, if your current application is a regular enterprise data intensive application.  You should look at ASP.NET (since your current app is VB), or JEE if you client dont like Microsoft products.


    if your current application is a marketing type application, and since they dont like Silverlight, go to Flash.

    Friday, April 11, 2008 2:04 PM