Upgrade Azure Pack to 2106 or Transition to Non-Azure Pack 2016 VM Environment? RRS feed

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  • We currently run 2 Azure Pack instances on 2012R2.  Each Azure Pack instance consists 8 compute hosts, Windows Storage Services, DPM and Azure Vault integration.   These were turn-key implementations installed and configured on a MS partner platform.   Microsoft licensing changes to core count rather than socket count on Windows server and SQL licensing is not financially feasible so we will need to decide whether to re-configure Azure Pack in current 2012R2, upgrade to 2016 and re-configure or abandon Azure Pack for 2016 VMM, DPM without the Azure Pack, templates and workflows.  We need to separate Windows and SQL workloads and dedicate machines for application workflows and we cannot under the current configuration.   The current licensing requires 192 (2-pack) core licenses for Windows and SQL where previously this would have been 32 sockets or 16 (2-pack) licenses.   For us to sustain an IAAS service, we will have to re-think this as a traditional VMM managed solution instead IAAS model.

    The question is what is the trend for moving forward with Azure Pack in 2018?  Are most retiring Azure Pack all together?  Going forward with completely forklifting Azure Pack and implementing 2016  and using Azure OMS for insights seems like the only option for us.   Any thoughts?

    Monday, August 6, 2018 2:25 PM