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  • Hi,

    I have some questions on how to make my WCF service reliable.

    My services contains 3 WCF services, 2 is a regular Webservice over HTTP and another is a TCP service using Protobuf. The TCP service is customized in many ways to make it working as good as possible with the Winform clikent.

    This is then hosted in a Windows Service.

    The WCF project contains a CustomHostServiceFactory where ApplyConfiguration is used to load all all cache data(all services uses the same BLL where the cache is).

    protected override void ApplyConfiguration()

    The Windows Services contains the following on startup

    private ServiceHost StartService(Type serviceType)
                ServiceHost serviceHost = null;
                // Create a ServiceHost for the CalculatorService type and 
                // provide the base address.
                Console.WriteLine("Creating service " + serviceType.FullName);
                serviceHost = new ServiceHost(serviceType);
                serviceHost.Opened += serviceHost_Opened;
                serviceHost.Closed += serviceHost_Closed;
                // Open the ServiceHostBase to create listeners and start 
                // listening for messages.
                Console.WriteLine("Starting service...");
                Console.WriteLine("Service started successfully");
                return serviceHost;

    This code used used both from the Main(ServiceBase) and from the OnStart(override) in Windows service.

    Now I have to make sure that this is the correct why to set this up? Can a service receive a call during startup but before the init of the caches have been runned? 

    Monday, June 10, 2013 11:34 AM