Ejecting cash draw on pos computer RRS feed

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  • Hi,
    I need some help with getting cash draw to eject with a Senpos System (a POS Program/System made by Sharp Electronics)

    The original Senpos POS terminal has died and have replaced it with another branded terminal (idealpos) but having problems getting it to work with the Senpos system.

    On the original Senpos terminal the Cash draw was connected directly to the POS terminal.
    (Senpos touchscreen terminal, OS: Windows XP)

    On the new terminal (idealpos touchscreen terminal running Windows 7)
    The POS Program loads and I'm able to make sales and print receipts just doesn't eject the cash draw, possibly due the original Senpos terminal using a specific io port setting for the cash draw, same rj11 connector etc just can't change the ports io settings for a cash draw connected to the actual touch screen/terminal and can't change the settings for the cash draw in the Senpos server.

    So I have connected the cash draw to the Receipt printer and are able to get it to eject from the windows printer driver by putting the Command in Begin print job: <1B>p055 (in printer properties/Printer commands)
    and that works when printing from Notepad to the printer driver, but the Senpos system prints receipts directly to the printer (on COM1) and not through the printer driver so that doesn't work for printing receipts.

    I had an idea that may or may not work is to put the eject draw command in the receipt template on the Senpos server, currently there's a command to do a Paper cut: \1D \56 \01 \01 and that works,
    but any extra codes I've tried putting there ie: \27 \112 \0 \50 \250 to eject the cash draw just prints out as normal text, maybe I'm using the wrong command?

    The  receipt printer is a Citizen CBM1000 connected to COM1 on the idealpos terminal

    The Senpos server is a separate computer running Windows XP that is connected to the local network and seems to communicate fine with the new idealpos terminal.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Tuesday, May 28, 2019 4:11 AM