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  • Hi guys,

    We currently have an development action pack but have used all licenses assigned. We now require an additional license (primarily for Visual Studio.NET), which I understand involves purchasing a retail MSDN Subscription via

    Since VS2013 is activated via a Microsoft account, how can I keep the subscription associated with my (as the Tech Director) email but allow another Microsoft ID to activate a VS2013 instance. I don't want to lose track of additional subscriptions we have as a business.


    Friday, February 21, 2014 1:30 AM

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  • Hey Richard,

    What do you mean by "associated with my email"? Do you mean your Microsoft Account? or do you just mean having your email address on the record of the subscription?

    Also, what do you need to 'keep track' of these additional subscriptions?

    There's a good chance I'm not the best place to ask the question you have.  You'll probably have better luck asking the partner support team, or working through the Volume License channel, as one of the intents of the partner program is to get more people using Microsoft Software so I'd imagine they'd been asked this question before.  

    That said, this is an obscure forum, so I'm guessing that one of those teams might've directed you to me :)

    If that's the case, the workaround I can think of is that retail MSDN Subscriptions include a product key for Visual Studio 2013, and that product key, when used, bypasses the online activation that partners are required to complete.  If you were to purchase the Subscription, you could give the VS2013 ISO and VS 2013 key to the person you're purchasing the Subscription for, and this would limit their use of the subscription to just VS2013 (and whatever else you gave them access to).    This is a bit of a hack, though, so again I'd seek out other support resources in addition to myself to talk your scenario through with.

    Looking forward to your response. 



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    Tuesday, February 25, 2014 1:11 AM