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  • Hello,

    Around Thursday this last week, it appeared that my Kinect no longer functions as needed, and I was unable to figure out why exactly. Previously in the week, the Kinect had been functioning flawlessly within the time the Kinect had not been touched, updated, or unplugged (Wednesday to Thursday). Thursday night after being unable to connect through one of my programs, I decided to try using any of the apps on the Kinect Browser with no luck. The messages all read "Unable to connect to Kinect" or "Unable to start Kinect" which was quite troubling considering it had been functioning the day before.

    After some troubleshooting through rebooting, updating windows, unplugging the Kinect, and updating drivers I found the issue but was still unable to fix it. In the device manager where the Kinect is listed, the drivers are shown and almost all of them are functioning without errors. However, the camera function displays the message that one of the drivers may be corrupt or missing. Naturally, I removed all of the drivers from my computer, restarted, and reinstalled the windows drivers which showed the same problem as before.

    As a side note, the Kinect appears to be powered on as the green light is blinking at a steady rate when plugged in, the audio array and everything except the camera displays as functioning fine in the device list.

    Another note is that this Kinect is quite old, however, it strikes me as odd how it stopped functioning with such previous success but a day before the incident.

    I would greatly appreciate any tips or notes that could assist in solving the problem, thank you!

    Saturday, June 9, 2018 6:52 PM