Dowloading videos and hiding associated files other than the execute file RRS feed

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  • I am being tasked with maintaing a Team site that our MIS department created.  We are posting Webcast to a web page within the team site,  I asked our IT department to take a zip file,  rename the execution file ( to the name of training on this video) and hide the balance of the files associated with it. That was done for me, I have asked for instruction on how to do this myself as more of this videos are sent to me to post, but the explanation is beyond me,  Our MIS Team is overworked and though they try to help, they sometimes have difficulty explaining in terms that a laymen can understand.  I really need help please.  Here was the explanation: "I created a web page" that holds the links to all the web cast. Just don't add the libraries where you keep the views to the navagation." To create a link to a new video upload all related files to a library, go back to webcast page edit and create new link.  What I don't understand is if I upload the file in the webast folder, edit page to create link, how does that all all the files associated with that link? Please pardon my ignorance, as you can tell I am not an IT person, just doing my best to add permissions, add folders and all the documents that my VP is requesting. Thank you in advance.
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