Strange copy times between local files and network files. RRS feed

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  • Hi Everybody.

    I have the following scenario, and I do not have an answer for this behavior, I hope somebody can help me to explain and understand this:

    "I have a W2008 cluster node that has attached a NAS volume, and this volume is published as a share folder.

    We are having some slowness issues in the application hosted in this cluster, so application team requested to make a test to see if we have problems with network or storage, or both.

    So, one of the test consisted in two scenarios:


    Scenario-1 (Total Final Time of the copy: 00:12:06)

    COPY some specific files from network share volume to a local folder:

    SOURCE: \\usstzcltmc2\e\Datacap\rare\fingerprint\

    TARGET: D:\speed_copy

    Scenario-2: (Total Final Time of the copy: 00:28:04)

    COPY some specific files from NAS-Volume to a local folder:

    SOURCE: E:\Datacap\RARE\fingerprint (\\usstzcltmc2\e\Datacap\rare\fingerprint)

    TARGET: D:\speed_copy


    As you can see, I got a higher time making the copy locally than trough the network, I would expect the results were in the other way (Higher by netwotk)

    So, any ideas what could cuase this results?

    Friday, November 16, 2012 7:57 PM