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  • Preface: WSS 3.0, SharePoint Designer 2007


    Desired Workflow Process:


    A document is created or uploaded to a document library.  The document library has three custom columns: Status (Collaboration, Review, Issue), Collaboration Group (Multiple Users/Groups), Review Group (same).  The creator edits the document properties and adds users to the Collaboration Group and Review Group and sets the Status of the document (Collaboration initially).  The user then assigns a workflow manually to send it through the collaboration process.  The collaboration workflow:


    Conditions: If Status = Collaboration Then

    Actions:  Build Dynamic String: Store Current Document: Collaboration Group to variable

    then Email Created By

    then Email variable

    then Assign To-Do Item to variable

    then Update List Item: Current Document: Status to Review


    Here is the issue:


    All the actions in the workflow work until it hits the Assign To-Do Item.  It appropriately assigns tasks to all users in the Collaboration Group, but the users cannot complete the task.  After hitting the Complete Task button...it returns to the list but the Outcome (column in tasks list) remains the same.  Hitting Complete Task button again results in an error and the item cannot be deleted either. 


    The Assigned To column in the tasks list has been set to Allow multiple selections so that tasks could be assigned to multiple users.  But: If I set Assigned To to not allow multiple selections...then Complete Task button works perfectly...however this doesn't accomplish the goal because it only assigns a task to one user from the Collaboration Group (the first one). 

    • Is there any way that I can have the creator of the document with Contribute permissions be able to define the users who will be emailed and tasks assigned?
    • Or is there some way to allow multiple users be assigned tasks AND be allowed to complete the tasks?
    • Is there a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do? 
    • Am I an idiot?

    I want to avoid having to create a group everytime I need to get people to collaborate on one document, especially since the group will always be changing. 


    Help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 11:34 AM


  • Solution: Instead of using Build Dynamic String to create the variable, a colleague used Set Workflow Variable instead and it worked perfectly.  Thanks to Bill for providing me with the solution.  Hope this helps anyone running into the same issue.  He also used Set Field in Current Item to update Status.  Definitely a better way to do it. 


    Note:  This was the only difference, all other settings must be set appropriately for this to work (Assigned To Allowed for multiple selections etc.). 

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 2:04 PM