Why is ui.js settings code adding the ui-light when in dark theme? RRS feed

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  • I went crazy with this. My win-content class inside my settings flyout always had the "ui-light" class also attached. Why, oh Why is MS doing such things? And why is it not consistent? When light UI css is used, no dark-ui setting classes are applied to win-content divs.

    I am going to add a before show handler and remove the bloody ui-light class from the settings flyout element.

    This is again part of what I think MS has not understood about css. You cannot pretend to give the content creator control over his layout and behind the back change all this in code. If I want my win-content part of the settings flyout in ui-light design I would have added the class myself!

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012 1:28 PM