VS Designer Bug with XAML Popup?


  • I have a program written in C#, UWP, and with the target build being 10586.  Here is a picture of the design window with the xaml popup in the upper center of the app window.

    When I update to the target version of 14393 (Anniversary Ed.) the popup no longer shows up there.  The outline is still there, but the graphics now show up in the upper left side of the designer window.  The window also doesn't scale with the zoom properly  It's always at 100% and when I change the "zoom," it just gets blurry instead of changing size.  Below is a photo where I lowered the zoom but the image just got blurry.  It will update when I change things in the code however.  The program also will build with no errors and will run just fine with the popup in the correct position.  Is this a bug?  Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?  Thanks.

    Sunday, January 8, 2017 1:01 AM

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  • Hi Mewonium,

    Based on your description and my own testing in my machine, I found out that the popup control under design mode in target build 14393 and build 10586 is different.

    I also got the same popup under build 1493 as you described:

    The popup and the outline show up separately, it did work fine.

    As for ”zoom”,  I got the same situation , the popup is always 100% no matter how I would change zoom the canvas but the outline part could.   

     And I think it’s just the new feature of build 14393.

    I also found a feedback with a similar issue as yours. Did you post it? If so, you could mark this as answer which would be helpful to others who meet the same issue to refer to.

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    Monday, January 9, 2017 5:59 AM