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  • Questions : Need to use SQLite-WinRT (SQLite-WinRT is for those developers who prefer to work with SQL statements rather than the object-oriented layer that LINQ gives you) in Windows 8 Store Application.

    Machine : Windows 8, 64 bit O.S.

    SDK : Windows 8 SDK

    Visual Studio : Ultimate 2012

    I tried following ways to install SQLite-WinRT in my Windows store apps,

    1. Installed various NuGet Packages,



                   System.Data.SQLite Core(x86/x64)


                   SQLite Wrapper for for Windows 8.1 and WIndows Phone 8

        but non of then work.

    2. Installing sqlite-winrt-3080403.vsix file.

    3. Adding SQLiteWinRTPhone.winmd file which is got from Windows Phone 8 project, where SQLite for WinRT is working fine.

       but adding this file in Windows Store apps(Windows 8) I am getting the exception at the time of Database object  creation, below is the code

    using SQLiteWinRTPhone
    private async void createDatabase()
                SQLiteWinRTPhone.Database db = new SQLiteWinRTPhone.Database(Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder, "testDB.db");
               await  db.OpenAsync();

     In above code when code execution reaches creation of db object it fails giving following error.

    TypeloadException was unhandled by user code. Requested Windows Runtime type 'SQLiteWinRTPhone.Database' is not registered.

    I got the creation of SQLiteWinRT using Linq but I don't want that.  Can you please give me the proper way of using SQLite WinRT in WIndows 8 Store applications? Is this possible or not?







    Friday, May 2, 2014 10:09 AM


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