Replacing specific string with almost equivalent string from different file (WORD macro/software) RRS feed

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  • Is there any way to make a skript which would automaticly find specific text string and then replace it with "almost" similar equivalent found in my Catalog? I have out-dated norms in Dokument1 (just as an exapmle) and I want them to be replaced with up-to-date from my Catalog. See examples bellow:

    I personaly think the character "/" and string ":[YEAR]" could be the key to programming some "
    search engine"for this specific issue and solving the whole problem in a way, that I could let my computer do the work for few minutes/hours and do other important thing in the meantime ... 

    The arguments could be something like this: Technical norms always ends with year (for example ČSN EN ISO 12100:2011) , there is always something like this ":2011" at the end of string
    Character "/" is the one which either is or is not immidiately after this ":2011" - that is how the script will now if:
    - the norm is the same (meaning there is not character "/" after ":2011" ) - norm is up to date - job done
    - the norm is different (meaning there is character "/" after ":2011" ) - must continue the selection until there is character "/" immidiately after ":2011" and replace the out-of-date norm in document.

    I think it is quite confusing how I wrote it .But if you just simply think about importance of character "/" and ":[YEAR]" for a second you can than understand the logic as well I think...I am able to understand this logic (I can write it to the details if you would like to) but I am absolutely unable to do the scripting, so I am asking for your help. 

    Tuesday, June 9, 2015 2:22 PM