If I unpin a metro app, how do I pin it again?


  • I installed the preview yesterday.

    If I unpin one of the metro apps, it vanishes. How do I find it to pin it again?

    My IE installed a Silverlight player while I was web browsing and pinned a configuration tile to metro. Windows also updated my NVidia drivers and an extra 4 tiles appeared for configuring elements of that. If this happens for everything then my metro screen's eventually going to take 5 minutes to scroll across. And, yes, drag scrolling would be preferable to a narrow scroll bar at the bottom as narrow/near the edge of screen isn't really a good idea with touch screen.

    Where's the concept of Folders gone? One of the pet gripes I've had for Windows Installer is that you can't select a folder for installing your start menu shortcuts and I'm tidy.  The metro desktop appears to have no way of organization to hide things that you rarely use unless you unpin them.... see question 1 above.

    How do I get rid of that awful green colour (same colour as my school lab coat)? And why does everything seem to be styled "a la macho" at the moment? Who's come up with all the depressing black/grey/green/orange colour schemes used at the moment?

    Metro isn't going to work on desktops, as it's been designed here, where you'd need to have several windows tiled while working. Computers are tools for many people.

    Missing close button in Metro's been answered in other threads. Put it in please.

    The charm (?) that materializes over the start menu flag when you move your mouse over it doesn't appear consistently (how does this work with a touch screen?)

    The only thing I've liked about the developer preview (compared to Windows 7)  is extending the desktop over multiple monitors.

    Allow user to turn on/off metro and have our start menu back. I'll probably be forced to go Windows 8 when it comes out and I don't want to be stuck with an even more obtuse operating system. Can't you just have an option when you install windows

    Please select the Windows experience you want while running your operating system
    1) I understand computers and want full access to the power it can offer
    2) This is my leisure computer for writing email, staring at my photos for hours (how do I hide my gentleman's pictures?) and browsing the web. I just want it to work without fuss.
    3) Eye wanna l33t pwnz bro gimme slik trix an your mom so phat

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011 10:37 AM