Running Installer for a ClickOnce Project


  • Very interested in using ClickOnce.

    I've been watching videos / tutorials and something is not working right...I am attempting to publish an app to Azure blob storage in a container called <myappname>install.  I'm using VS 2012 and installing a desktop Windows app project.

    I create the publish directory on my local desktop and upload the contents up to the blob storage after clicking publish.

    Issue 1, the publish.htm file is not created (perhaps not a big deal).

    If I attempt to navigate to by blob container, it doesn't launch app.  I think this is how you are supposed to run installer. Is this because the publish.htm is missing?

    If I attempt to navigate to the setup.exe in the blob container I get an error. (missing file)

    I have found that if I navigate to the <AppName.application (Application Manifest) it does install.

    Is this what is supposed to be done?  Directions seem to indicate that I should just navigate to folder or run setup.exe

    Secondly, is there a way to automate the "publishing directly to Azure?"  I am selecting All and copying to clipboard and then using Azure Explorer to post.  Should I be able to just set the publish path to my blob storage?



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