Biztalk Receive location and Send ports creating too many sleeping sessions while using notification, XMLPolling and Polling RRS feed

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  • Problem Statement:
    There are many [many times 250+] sleeping sessions in DB for BizTalk service user within our custom SQL DB.
    BizTalk Receive location[s] uses Notification service for processing message in some table. 
    We process some 30k To 35k messages per hour and applications heavily uses Notification, Polling and Xml Polling.
    I was trying to understand, how those sessions are created and when would they be deleted in SQL Server. 

    I tried few tests to see number of sleeping sessions in SQL Server after inserts in the tables but unable to conclude with confidence. 

    Any Idea how Biztalk server's SQL adapter talks to the DB and manages sessions if Notificaiton/XmlPolling/Polling used?

    I did read MSDN docs but they don’t tell in details how notification services will create and handle sessions behind the scene for BizTalk database interaction.

    Thank you in advance!


    Regards, Nilesh Sarkate [Please remember to click "mark as answered" when you get a correct reply to your question]

    Tuesday, January 14, 2020 11:10 PM