Unable to associate Windows Phone app in Visual Studio (No app name is listed)

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    When you try to associate reserved app name for Windows Phone in the Visual Studio, you cannot make sure the actual app name. (Refer following screenshot)
    You can select, but you don't know actual app name. (Microsoft aware this issue and a fix will be deployed soon.)
    When we deploy the fix, no app name will be listed if the app name doesn't have PFNs<Mention below>.

    This issue will occur when the app name was reserved before devcenter migration and when you don't associate client platform.(Non-phone platform)

    When you reserve client platform for your app, this issue won't occur.
    (All developers who publishes for Windows Phone platform only will affect this issue. )


    Generate PFNs. PFNs are necessary information to list the app name in the Visual Studio.

    1.Open your reserved app name (phone only) in DevCenter.

    2.Open App identity under App management.
    When you see "Reserve App Name", it means no PFNs are assigned to this app.
    If the app has PFNs, you can see them. (Refer last screenshot)
    No actions are required for that app.

    3.Click "Reserve an app name"

    4.Copy and Paste current app name.
    5.Click Reserve app name

    Back to following screen.
    6. Open App identity again and make sure PFNs are generated.

    PFNs are generated successfully. (Compare second screenshot above.)

    山川 直美 – Microsoft Support

    Thursday, July 23, 2015 10:30 AM