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  • Absolute beginner to Visual Basic .net.

    I have experience of using Microsoft Access VBA and have managed to write a few applications which pull data from our system using ODBC.

    I am really self taught and have managed to develop what VBA skills I have using the internet - know what I wanted to do but didn't know how in VBA so found someone who had....

    I am due to go on a beginners course on VS 2005 ( and would like to try to build some knowledge up in advance.

    Could someone (in plain English) please explain to me what a class is?

    Appreciate this is probably basic stuff for you guys....


    Monday, February 5, 2007 10:03 PM


  • A class is an 'object' (a 'thing').

    The typical example used is an 'Animal' class. The class can have properties. For example, the 'animal' class can have a 'legs' property which would tell you how many legs the animal has. It may also have a 'name' property (e.g. Tiger).

    It may also have methods - things you can do with the animal; and 'events': things that the animal does.

    You can create these 'objects' and use them as you need to. Usually, a class will encapsulate a real 'thing': this makes programming a lot easier to understand while programming.


    Monday, February 5, 2007 10:29 PM