A new idea/concept about/for the new Microsoft Surface tablet (running Windows 8 + Windows RT) RRS feed

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  • Hello mates, I have a suggestion for the developers/hardware engineers out there. This is to change and revolutionize the way of interacting with Microsoft's new gadget Microsoft Surface. If a sensor can be introduced along with the front webcam of the device which detects the eye movement of the (single) user; Eye-browsing can be a very effective way to interact with your device!! One can browse web pages just by giving some specific eye gestures! Scroll a long pdf just by looking the bottom part of the pdf/webpage visible on the screen! Though this is just a rough idea I have given; it can be modified with some extra abilities to interact! But all I mentioned here is only meant for a single user, but it can be pushed for multi users too with the development with new hardware technologies.

    Please, comment and share your opinions!


    Sunday, October 14, 2012 2:07 PM