update and insert and delete recored direct from table by clicking on the cells ..help needed with this quesiotn ? RRS feed

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  • hi all

    database design skill : intermediate ( in touch till present )

    tsql skill level : intermediate( in touch  till present )

    ado.net  = intermediate (  i didn't code for a while  )

    C# =  intermediate (  i didn't code for a while  )

    my question is : i was wondering if anyone edit or insert row to dataview direct without make save butting or insert is that kind of operation possible when using ado.net in c# .. so if that is possible in which even  the insert and edit tsql code will be fire from the C# front end ... 


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  • Hi,

    What do you mean of "clicking on the cells"?

    You can add / insert / delete / update records in the underlying DataTable of the DataView. See DataView's Table property and DataTable's Rows property.

    You can also use AddNew() method and modify records in DataView directly. Here is the MSDN example.

    Friday, March 1, 2013 2:29 AM
  • thank you for Replying Hellipking ,

    Actually i have store procedure created  for insertion , updation  and deletion when user update or insert data to the datagridview these  data should be passed to store procedure  then from there the procedure will continues doing its job i just want to know is it possible to do that  through binding or something  as we do with textbox and combox i can easy passed the values kept in those objects except datagridview ? if so how  ?

    if you just direct me to any recourse i can follow along  

    Thank you for in advance for  your time reading  this post ..


    Ali Zidan

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