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  • I have 4 related tables, they have a master-detail relationship as follow

    HotelCost and HotelCostItem have a one-many relationship


        List<ref_country> newcountrys = new List<ref_country>();
        List<ref_area> newareas = new List<ref_area>();
        List<ref_city> newcitys = new List<ref_city>();
        List<ref_region> newregions = new List<ref_region>();
        ref_region newregion1 = new ref_region();
        ref_region newregion2 = new ref_region();
        newregion1.EngName = "new region1";
        newregion2.EngName = "new region2";
        ref_city newcity = new ref_city();
        newcity.CityCode = "new";
        newcity.EngName = "gz";
        ref_area newarea = new ref_area();
        newarea.EngName = "new area";
        newarea.ChinaName = "teset";
        ref_country newcountry = new ref_country();
        newcountry.EngName = "new country";
        newcountry.ChinaName = "测试";
        newcountry.CountryCode = "TE";
        newcountry.ref_area = newareas.ToArray();
        newcountrys .Add (newcountry);
        m_ref.refcountry = newcountrys.ToArray();
    How do I make this work,  all I have to do is to update the master Country.
    Sunday, June 13, 2010 3:54 AM


  • Hello,

    Take the Country and Area for example, you could update the country like below:


    List<Area> areaList = new List<Area>();
    // add items in areaList;
    // ....
    // add areas in Area entity
    // save the changes into database


    To Update an entity, you need to select it out first and then modify it. For example:

    var area = context.Area.Single(c => c.ID== 10);
    area.Name = "Modified name.";

    Please have a try and let me know if this help.
    If there are any questions, please don't hesitate and post here.

    Best regards

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    Thursday, June 17, 2010 10:04 AM