want to give copy of accdb file i created in win7 64 bit to a user runing win 7 32bit, office 2010 BUT Access 2003 XP can i send access runtime? RRS feed

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  • Yes, user has Office 2010 BUT Access 2003 XP.   

    Because so many legacy Access programs running as front ends to many of company's main frames.  Several running Oracle 7.

    company doesn't want to spend money to fix all old Access front end code.

    can I create data base in Access 2013 win7 64 bit, send to user by a CD, with Access 2013 runtime for user to run?

    if I have to avoid any frills that Access got after Access 2010, in my code, could I code data base as Access 2010, and send Access 2010 runtime for user to run my data base. 

    user has registered copy of win 7 and office 2010 on users machine.  so seems already has most of files needed.  just needs access runtime to run my database. am I correct?

    all the tables, and code ran on win XP and win 7.

    if I include the runtime, does user need Admin Level Access?

    Mark J

    Friday, October 23, 2015 7:14 PM


  • Hi Mark. If you compile your database application using Access 2013, then using 2013 Runtime should be able to run it. If you compile your database application using Access 2010, then both 2013 and 2010 Runtimes should be able to run it. If your users keep their copy of Access XP on their machine when they install the runtime version, they may run into the issue of Access reconfiguring itself each time a different version of a database application is opened. If they don't need Access XP, I would suggest that they uninstall it. I think they would need Admin privileges to install the runtime also (but I could be wrong on that). Hope that helps...
    Saturday, October 24, 2015 3:34 AM