[UWP] APPX package installs "successfully", but doesn't appear in the app list


  • Hi guys,

    When I build my app package using the reserved name "myTube Beta", then try to install the x86 .appx package locally using the generated PowerShell script, the installation finishes with a successful status, but the app does not appear in the app list in the Start Menu. After around 12 hours, the app will appear in the Start Menu, with a progress bar as if the installation is still going on, but it can't be launched.

    If I build the .appx package instead using the reserved name "myTube!", and then install it using the generated PowerShell script, the app appears in the app list as expected, and functions normally.

    I've submitted the package to the Store under the same "myTube Beta" name, and experienced the same issue with the Store. Installation looked like it went smoothly, but the app didn't appear in the app list.

    If requested, I can provide the appx packages.

    Additional Info:

    The reserved name "myTube Beta" is currently being used for a Windows Phone 8.1 beta app on the Store, which I'm attempting to update with a UWP version. "myTube!" is used for the public version of the app on the Store, which currently is a Windows 8.1/ Windows Phone 8.1 app.

    When the reserved name "myTube Beta RT" is used, the package will install and work correctly. No apps on the Store use this name. I suspect that any name besides "myTube Beta" will work.

    Ryken Productions

    Saturday, September 19, 2015 3:03 AM


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