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  • Hi,

    I encountred some while getting my reports from one or two days before.

    When I run my V5 program I have this error:


    The specified report request indicates that complete data is required, but only partial data is currently available. Please try again later or submit a report request for partial data


    But when I run my V4 Application on the same day, the data were ready. In my V4 request I set the Allnone property at true. And if I compare data from three days imported from the two applications, they are the same.


    Here is the code I used. Maybe I missed something.


    DestinationUrlPerformanceReportRequest reportRequest = new DestinationUrlPerformanceReportRequest();

    devToken = new DeveloperToken();

    userCreds = new UserCredentials();

    userCreds.Username = Login;

    userCreds.Password = Password;

    devToken.Value = token;

    reportRequest.Columns = new DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn[] { DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.AccountName, DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.AccountNumber,

    DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.AverageCpc, DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.AveragePosition,

    DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.CampaignName, DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.Clicks,

    DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.Impressions, DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.Spend,

    DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.TimePeriod, DestinationUrlPerformanceReportColumn.DestinationUrl,


    reportRequest.Format = ReportFormat.Xml;

    reportRequest.Language = ReportLanguage.English;

    reportRequest.Aggregation = NonHourlyReportAggregation.Daily;

    reportRequest.ReturnOnlyCompleteData = true;

    int[] listIds = new int[1];

    AccountThroughAdGroupReportScope scope = new AccountThroughAdGroupReportScope();

    CampaignReportScope campaignScope = new CampaignReportScope();

    campaignScope.CampaignId = CampaignId;

    campaignScope.ParentAccountId = AccountId;

    scope.Campaigns = new CampaignReportScope[1]{ campaignScope};

    reportRequest.Scope = scope;

    ReportTime time = new ReportTime();

    Date dateReport = new Date();

    dateReport.Day = dtDebut.Day;

    dateReport.Month = dtDebut.Month;

    dateReport.Year = dtDebut.Year;

    time.CustomDateRangeStart = dateReport;

    time.CustomDateRangeEnd = dateReport;

    reportRequest.Time = time;

    QueueReportRequest req = new QueueReportRequest();

    req.DeveloperToken = devToken;

    req.UserCredentials = userCreds;

    req.ReportRequest = reportRequest;


    QueueReportResponse response = conn.QueueReport(reportRequest);


    Thx for your help.



    Monday, June 2, 2008 7:18 AM

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  • If you request a report for the previous day early in the morning, there is the chance the complete data is not available yet. An hour (or a even a few minutes later), the data may be present. However, if you are running a report at noon and not seeing the available data, that would be an issue. If this is the condition that you are seeing, please open a support ticket and include the V4 and V5 SOAP request packets.


    Jeff Dillon, API Support

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008 9:14 PM